In our school, foreign language lessons are conducted by Turkish and foreign teachers for 12 hours a week, the first foreign language is taught in English as well as the second foreign language in German. Our aim is to educate individuals who can recognize and understand different cultures in foreign language education and who can look at life from a wide perspective. Teaching English as a second language is planned as a unitbased subject with four basic skills such as speaking, listening , reading, and writing. In parallel, our English exams are based on these four basic skills. It is not only measurement of knowledge; but also comprehension, self- expression , interpreting , and measuring the skills they have at the level of practice are taken into account. Our goal is to give our students the opportunity to become better readers, writers, listeners and speakers on foreign affairs and give them the knowledge that learning is a lifelong process. In English language teaching , our students are always asked to speak in English, practice presentarion techniques, read a story book on their own, study class projects on the reading book, write paragraphs and essays on given topics. In our Italian and German lessons, which are taught as second foreign language in our school, students are given necessary skills to communicate in written and oral form.