Dear Educators,,

We started a journey with you, the supporters of Türk Maarif College, to contribute to the future of our country. It is our duty to invest in the most important factor of education, which is to ensure that our children grow up with modern and contemporary knowledge. By working together and building a team spirit we will ensure that our children are equipped with the education that they need. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Founder of our Republic said, "Our true mentor in life is science." We are proud to use this as our motto in our commitment to shaping the future.

For our most precious assets, our children, we wanted to create a school environment where they share love and responsibility, growing up knowing what is right and wrong without enforcing rules, without the concept of the school bell. With the rapid growth of technology and the information age we create an environment for our children to take precautions against the dangers waiting for them in both the virtual and the real world without forgetting our moral and social values. At the same time we wanted to build a bridge between physical, mental, social, psychological and academic education, today and the in the future

With the precious children that you have entrusted to us we are building a world where we can look into the future with confidence. I believe that education is a bridge between today and the future and I wish that all of our children are prepared well for life.