Our school's first step is to start with the idea that it will start with pre-school education. In this sense , starting from the school to the universty with a certain step and a new breath is taking place in Antalya.It adopts a student-centered approach to education that is curicous,inquisitive and accountable for learning at every stage of education.

With the academic staff, qualified, experienced ,creative and happy education staff, it is possible to transfer daily information from the book pages by going out from the philisophy of Gez-gör-Yaşa-Öğren


In the light of science and total quality understanding;we provide academic education and sporty , with the contribution we make development of the social and cultural sapects of our students to become Turkey's mot elite educational institutions.


To shape our future with respect to the values of the Republic, to the principles and reforms of Ataturk,from our rich history to the power and culture we have from our social values and to the human rights with the knowlage, skills and technological equipments required by contemporary life.

In the developing and globalizing world, thanks to the various foreign language trainings we give, we are able to cultivate highly qualified, socially strong,cultured inviduals who can live in every country and think globally.